Kanoashi-gun, Tsuwano city, Shimane prefecture

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by Takashi Toyooka (E-mail) (WWW)
This is the view from the top of the mountain on which the castle once stood, looking down on the town of Tsuwano.
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by Takashi Toyooka (E-mail) (WWW)
This picture should line up beside the previous one, this one on the left, and the previous one on the right.
[Image] Original Jpeg:
by Takashi Toyooka (E-mail) (WWW)
This image is composed of the first two, combined with a third to show the panoramic view from the top of the mountain.


I was surprised at the number of resources I was able to find on the net about Tsuwano, and the the castle in particular. I think something important must have happened here, or someone important must have been here, but I don't know what, or who.

Tsuwano-Jo is great because it is not very well-known, so you don't have to deal with crowds of people. However, nothing remains of the castle except the ishigaki, the stone foundations. Tsuwano-Jo is best, however, for the spectacular view from the top of the mountain on which it is built. Hikers will balk at the chair lift, but I was there to see the castle, not to hike, and it's just a fabulous view. I would have loved to have been the lord of Tsuwano-Jo.

- by Takashi Toyooka (E-mail)