Contacting Takashi

My E-mail address consists of the words takashi, toyooka, pobox, and com. Between each respective word, there's a period, the at-sign, and a period again.

If Your E-mail Bounces

If your E-mail bounces, you may have fallen victim to my spam filters. This most likely means that your mail server has been blacklisted, and you should talk to your ISP about getting it removed. My primary blacklists are SpamCop, and the Composite Blocking List.

If you really need to contact me quickly and you have no other way, you can also send to my direct E-mail address. The pobox address above is a forwarding service. You can construct my "real" address from the address of this web page. The user id is the word following the tilde (~) character, and the domain is the same as the web domain, except that it excludes the first word (pages).

Now, you can either hit your "back" button, or follow this link back to my little corner of the world wide web.

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