Dark Dear Heart

Metro Blue/Capitol Records, Inc. Japan
Catalog # TOCP-50278


Holly Cole - Vocals
Aaron Davis - Piano
David Piltch - Bass
Kevin Breit - Guitars
Mark Kelso - Drums
Larry Klein - Producer


Title Composer(s)
1. I've Just Seen A Face John Lennon, Paul McCartney
2. Make It Go Away Laura Harding, Aaron Davis
3. Onion Girl Laura Harding, Hull
4. Dark, Dear Heart Mary Margaret O'Hara
5. You Want More Sheryl Crow, Trott
6. Timbuktu Aaron Davis, Jordan
7. World Seems To Come And Go David Piltch, White
8. River Joni Mitchell
9. Hold On Larry Klein, Batteau, Cody
10. Brighter Lonely Day (Run, Run, Run) Mary Margaret O'Hara
11. I Told Him That My Dog Wouldn't Run Patty Larkin
12. All The Pretty Little Horses (Public Domain)
13. Bottomless Love Hayes


George Koller (Holly's touring bass player) appears on "River," and "All The Pretty Little Horses."