Who is George Koller?

When David Piltch decided, around 1996, that the strains of touring were exacting too big a toll on his family life, he chose to restrict his playing with Holly to the studio only, and George Koller was brought in to fill the vacancy while the group is on the road. However, George, has in fact, played in two tracks from "Dark Dear Heart."

The multi-instrumentalist is well known in jazz circles for his incessant innovation and creativity. In addition to the bass, he can play other instruments such as the sitar and the fiddle. He previously recorded and toured with Loreena McKennitt for her "The Visit" CD.

Who is Mark Kelso?

The athletic (or, at least, athletic-looking) Mark Kelso is primarily a freelance drummer working out of Toronto. He has toured with Holly since around 1995, for her North American performances. He has also played a large part in recording Holly's latest album, "Dark Dear Heart."

Mark has recorded an independent CD entitled "No More Heroes," in which he performs his own material. He has worked with many people, such as Randy Brecker, Pete Townsend, Donny Osmond, Jeff Healey, Amanda Marshall, Amy Sky, Carol Welsman, and Shirley Eikhard.

Who is Kevin Breit?

A long-time composer and guitarist, Kevin Breit joined Holly Cole to record Temptation, and subsequently joined her to tour across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan. He has stayed with her since, supplying almost all the guitar sounds for her recordings, and for her live performances.

He was born in McKerrow, Ontario, and has his own band, The Breits, founded by him and his brothers. Kevin can play not only the guitar -- both acoustic and electric -- but also the sitar, dobro, mandolin, and the banjo. He has recorded with such musicians as Cassandra Wilson, Larry Gowan, Eddie Schwartz, Malcolm Burn, Lisa Delbello, and Long John Baldry.

Who is Dougie Bowne?

Bowne, a native New Yorker and continued resident of that town, took up the percussion instruments in Holly's accompaniment following after David Piltch's occasional forays in that direction before Temptation. Dougie is not only a talented performer, but also a composer and producer of note.

Dougie toured with Holly to promote Temptation, but has since left the group. He has also performed with the likes of Cassandra Wilson, Cibo Mato, Chris Whitley, Laurie Anderson, Arto Lindsay, Marianne Faithful and Iggy Pop.