Who is Aaron Davis?

Aaron Davis is an Ann Arbour, Michigan native who grew up, now in Toronto, now in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been with Holly since the inception of the Trio; he has both recorded and toured with her since 1986. He also arranged all of Holly's material for orchestra and/or choir, whenever she has had the opportunity to perform with such accompaniment.

Aaron shares with Holly an interest in a broad range of musical influences, and clearly this is a factor in their long association. The intensely sensetive musician draws not only from jazz, but also from Celtic, pop, classical, and world music styles. He previously played with the latin jazz group Manteca, of which he was a founding member, and to which he also contributed his own compositions.

Aaron finds time in what must be a very busy schedule to compose film music. His score for "Plague Monkeys," a 1994 documentary, won Aaron the 1996 Emmy in the category, and a Gemini nomination. His 1995 collaboration with John Lang for "No Price Too High" won the year's Gemini for best documentary score. Since 1985, he has scored over 30 films.