On "Peggy's Cove"...



Attention: John Versteege,
                 Global Video Inc,
                 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


          On a recent group trip to Peggy's Cove I purchased your video "Peggy's Cove".. I felt compelled to inform you of the great pleasure both I and my office staff and my cruise clients experienced in viewing your video. I chose your video to play at the post cruise party for my clients. They were absolutely thrilled! They all wished they had seen it prior to going to Peggy's Cove so that their appreciation level would have been higher for the things they had seen while there. 

         While in Nova Scotia I purchased several videos for office use, but yours was so superior to all the others that there is no comparison. 

         The informative historical narration is superb,
                               the photography is absolutely excellent.
     But the fact that it was not a "Tourist Trap" video is what impressed me the most. Your video says " this is who and what we are here at Peggy's Cove. This is our everyday life and the ideals we live by."
     And you take your viewers on a wonderfully intimate armchair tour of the entire Cove. We found it made us all want to return to Peggy's Cove to see some of the things we missed the first time around. 

      I will be sharing your company name with other travel agency owners so that they too can experience the expertise with which your video was produced. I would very much appreciate it if you would send me a small supply of your business cards for this purpose. 

     When I plan my next New England group cruise I am most certainly planning on using your video for my promotional cruise night. 

     Thank you for a most impressive sales tool!! I have always rated an office video by how much it encouraged in office people and the clients to want to experience the destination. Your video has rated 100%! 

I have hundreds of travel video's in my office. Yours is voted "the most effective" of them all! 

Mary Louise Bohner 
Owner, Cruise Specialist 

On ..."Thunder in the Sky"
The 1917 Halifax Explosion Video, an ambitious video offering everything you-ever-wanted-to-know-about the explosion, and much , more. 

Ian Johnston The Sunday Daily News July 1993 

"Thunder in the Sky",    is a mammoth chronicling of events, people and analyses by scientific and legal experts which features rare film footage, exclusive photographs and interviews and unique editing techniques. 

Pauline Dakin The Patriot July 1993 

Versteege worked on "Thunder in the Sky" for two years   because he thought there should be a video on the Explosion and a record of survivors before it was too late. "I think it's important to put it on tape because they're all going to be gone. I was in tears many times." 

Elissa Barnard The Chronicle Herald / Mail Star August 1993  

This is an excellent documentary and an important aspect of Halifax history  that should be known to every citizen.
I hope it gets wide use in our schools. 

T.J.M. Dalhousie University Halifax, N.S. 

I found it moving and full of interest. Your approach showed originality and also that you had given a great deal of time and effort to the project. Congratulations on a very worthwhile piece of work. 

Janet Kitz.;Halifax, N.S. 

Your documentary is gripping, well balanced, well filmed and well edited.                                             I sincerely hope that it will achieve the worldwide exposure which it richly deserves. 

D.K.;Halifax, N.S.  

...You should be congratulated on the depth of research which you undertook in order to shed new light on many of the issues surrounding the event. 

David Flemming  N.S. Dept. of Education; Halifax, N.S.  

Your use of present day experts on the explosion, stories from the survivors coupled with historic photos, sketches, footage, and sound effects recreated a memorable and moving experience. 

Your documentary will greatly assist the present generation and generations for years to follow in reliving the events of that horrible day from the past. 

H.C.; Dartmouth, N.S. 



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