I run Linux.

Sorry. I mean, I run GNU/Linux. To be most specific, I run Debian. On most of my computers, anyway.

As a programmer, I find UNIX in general to be, bar none, the most comfortable environment to work in. The sheer power conferred by the UNIX philosophy of computing makes me feel horribly constrained when forced to work in other, shall we say, monopolistically endowed operating systems. For example, pipes are wonderful things:

  find . -type f | xargs grep -il wazoo | xargs wc -c | sort -rn | head

What the heck is UNIX philosophy, you ask? Well, somebody else has done a much better job of compiling everything about it, so I'll just point you to The Art Of Unix Programming, in a subsection of the first chapter.

Here are my favourite parts of GNU/Linux and other related "free" software:

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