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Bad experience with the eclipse profiler

Tags: programming April 16, 2009    

I have recently used the eclipse profiler (default setup of TPTP downloaded in March 2009), and found its timing data very unreliable. The profiler stated that a method called less than 100000 times that adds a key value pair to a hashtable, a string to a vector, and allocates an integer has a total runtime of 20 seconds. As far as I can tell the 20 seconds is almost entirely due to the profiler, since the method should take at best 0.1 seconds. That is one inaccurate profiler. I'm guessing that the profiler keeps detailed statistics at the expense of bad runtime values. However, since a profiler should primarily be used for speeding up an application, the deficiency is serious. There probably is some way of changing its behaviour though.

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