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Thunderbird and feeds - entries with same ids not shown?

Tags: blogs April 13, 2009    

I have been having a problem with Thunderbird. I set it up to read my blog's feeds. Unfortunately, the entries for some feeds do not show up. Basically, I have an rss feed and an atom feed, and the entries for the atom feed do not show up. The only entries that show up in the atom feed are ones that are not in the rss feed.

My best guess for the reason behind the behaviour is that when there are multiple feeds with entries that have the same ids, only one of the entries will appear, even across multiple atom and rss feeds.

I've looked into whether there are connection or caching issues, and there appear to be none. Therefore, the problem must be in the feed processing. I don't know whether this behaviour has to do with the order of when the feeds are read or implementation differences between rss and atom readers. Although I don't know the underlying cause, at least I have a plausible explanation for what is going on.

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