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Free and legal MP3 file playing on Linux

Tags: linux January 23, 2009    

I recently wanted to play an mp3 file on linux and couldn't find an easy way of getting a free codec, at least through the repository. Interestingly enough, the easiest way of playing mp3's on linux is to download a flash mp3 player and create a local website.

In particular, the steps that I used are:

1. Download the mp3 to be listened to (saving the file to some directory, x).

2. Download the flash player on this site (saving the file to directory x).

3. Create an html file in directory x, typing in the standard html text (begin and end tags for html and body), pasting in the command from the website that executes the player, and changing the mp3 filename in the command to match the downloaded file.

4. Open the created html file in firefox.

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