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A few interesting links about work

Tags: work February 8, 2009    

Unfortunately I haven't posted in a while. I have recently come across many interesting websites and blogs. The following are the links and a discussion of them.

Many interesting views are expressed at Canadian Mind Products, especially regarding the shortcomings in our society in regards to work, money creation, and homelessness.

Basically, because of technology, a great deal of work that can be done by people with low levels of education is being eliminated. Thus many people cannot sustain themselves. Furthermore, people in government and business are benefiting themselves at the expense of everybody else and making the lives of the poor even worse. On a separate note, the people who do work are for the most part hurting themselves. A more dire article about that topic can be found here.

On a more positive note, the philosophy section of Canadian Mind Products states that an important part of being happy is to focus on the true and positive.

Paul Murphy gives an account of what passes as work, and demonstrates the almost complete waste of work along with the incompetence of people (for some reason my browser is getting the mobile version, which results in less clutter and is probably a good thing).

A rather depressing and accurate view on academia by Philip Greenspun is here and here. In other words, academia is not a panacea.

What can be done? Well, focus on the true and positive, realize that relationships and community are important, simplify everything, and either find work that is meaningful and well paying or figure out how to change the system to allow you to find work that is meaningful and well paying. Much easier said than done, unfortunately.

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