Visual Occlusion for Behavioural Research


PLATO Visual Occlusion Spectacles
PLATO stands for "Portable Liquid crystal Apparatus for Tachistoscopic Occlusion".
The lenses in these spectacles can be independently switched from their light scattering occluding state to
their transparent state in approximately 1 millisecond. In the transparent state, up to 90% of incident light is transmitted. The transition back to the light scattering occluding state takes about 5 milliseconds. This gives researchers unprecedented control over the visual input to one or both eyes of human subjects, without significantly reducing the amount of light reaching their eyes (thereby minimising potential problems of adapting back and forth between light and dark). PLATO spectacles are excellent for a wide variety of human behaviour research applications.



ToTaLcontrol Software
This software was created to allow the researcher to control the PLATO spectacles. It can easily generate a pre-defined pattern, or it can be programmed to respond dynamically to various external triggering inputs.

ToTaLcontrol Version 2.0 runs on a PC under Microsoft Windows XP

If you would like to discuss how PLATO spectacles and the ToTaLcontrol software might be applied to your research application, and to find out about pricing and availability, please contact:

Dr. Paul Milgram
5 King's College Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada     M5S 3G8

Phone/Fax: +1 - 416 - 978 3662


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