ToTaLcontrol Software

Translucent Technologies has developed the ToTaLcontrol software package to allow researchers to control the PLATO spectacles using the parallel port of an IBM PC system running Microsoft Windows (XP or 2000). Although originally developed for the PLATO  spectacles, the ToTaLcontrol  software, which runs in either background or foreground in a Windows environment, is able to provide two independently driven TTL signals, which can be used to drive a wide variety of experimental devices. Pulses may be either externally triggered, or internally driven according to any conceivable experimental timing protocol.


ToTaLcontrol Cable

To use the ToTaLcontrol software, it is necessary to connect the 25 pin parallel port output of a PC to the electronic driving circuit for the PLATO spectacles.  This requires a special, custom built cable. Furthermore, if one wishes to make use of the ability to trigger the software through external event related triggering signals, the cable has to be able to route those signals also to the parallel port.  It is very possible to construct this cable on one's own.  For those who either do not wish to construct such a cable, or who are not capable of doing so, Translucent Technologies is able to provide custom made cables.

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