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Summary line counts of all my code

Tags: programming November 24, 2009    

Well, one of the places I am applying to asked me how long I have used various programming languages, approximately how many lines of code I have written in each language, and what are the biggest pieces of software I have developed. Given that figuring this information out is a pain in the neck, I decided to blog about it.

Summary with language, rounded years of use, and total lines based on wc (unfortunately, many programs are lost to the ether, which means I wrote more code than what is shown):

Java 10 75.5k

C++ 11 69k

C 12 27.5k

Bash 10 10k

Common Lisp 8 7k

Basic 16 4k

Fortran 1 3k

Awk 10 1.5k

Perl 10 1.5k

Matlab 1 1k

Assembler 1 1k

VHDL 1 1k

The total number of lines if code is 202k, assuming all my math is correct.

Biggest projects:

Extended the Jikes RVM with 30k+ of Java code to allow it to automatically collect runtime information and then outline and package parts of the program to execute in parallel.

Created a 15k+ C++ program that reads in voltage and current information, reads movies from a high speed camera, plots the voltage and current as well as arbitrary equations based on the voltage and current information in sync with the read movies, and also tries to predict the behaviour of the arc welding process based on the voltage and current.

Created a trace collection system in the Jikes RVM along with an analysis component that processed the data. The trace collection system is 5.5k+ and the analysis component is 16.5k+ of Java code.

Created an online 80 game in 11k of Java code.

Created a trace collection system and parallel execution simulator in Jupiter. The total is 10k of C code.

Other work:

Extended a relatively large LabView application to record welding information (voltage, current, and video) as well as 14k of C++ code across 21 programs for the Materials Science and Engineering department.

10k+ of bash shell scripts that automate experiment collection. Along with .15k awk, 1.5k of perl code.

ECE242 various assignments 4k C.

CSC418 various assignments 1k C 2.5k C++.

CSC488 simple compiler 6k C in a group of 3 people (so 2k).

ECE552 modifications of simulator 2k C.

ECE1501 1k of MatLab code for a hard and soft decoder for product codes based on Hamming codes.

ECE1718 1.5k C++ code to perform a genetic algorithm to find best architecture parameters.

ECE1724 extend Polaris with ~3k C++ code to tile loops based on the architecture being used and test on 1k of Fortran code.

ECE1746 extend SUIF with 4k+ C++ code to transform between event based and thread based programs - also experimented with a partner on using the transformation to improve performance of a simple web server of 1k+ C++ code.

ECE1769 behavioural synthesis tool 6k C++ code.

Transmission line applet 4.5k of Java code.

Cipher applet 2k of Java code.

Word changer applet 2k of Java code.

Thin rod temperature simulator applet 2k of Java code.

Total for various other projects 2k Java, 1k assembler, 23k C++, 8.5k C, 2k Fortran, 4k basic, vhdl 1k.

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