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New Ubuntu and Thunderbird differences

Tags: linux November 22, 2009    

Well, it turns out that the sound problem I'm having in Ubuntu 9.10 is not because the sound doesn't work, but rather because the PC speaker is disabled. I found this out via a google search that led me to this blog. As an aside, I read a few more entries of the blog and found out that there is better way to fix a hung machine than using the power butten. The better way is to hold down alt-SysRq and type reisub. Each of the six letters is a different command, the end result is a relatively safe reboot of the computer.

Back to the PC speaker. I tried everything found here and here to no avail. Hopefully the issue will be fixed eventually.

In regards to the virtual consoles being unusable. That only happens after resuming from hibernate. The virtual consoles are usable after a fresh boot.

Also, Thunderbird 3 has all the old options from Thunderbird 2 regarding whether to show a summary of a blog entry or to load the entry from the web. However to actually see the blog entry from the web you also need to select View - Message Body As - Original HTML. Without that you only see a summary.

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