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Transcoding Videos

Tags: software September 14, 2009    

I recently had to convert a video captured by a camera into formats that could be played on different computers. The best way to do that is to use VLC on Windows. Using Windows is necessary to have legal access to all the different codecs. One of the most important steps is to save the resulting file into a directory under the user's control. By default, the generated files seem to be put into the VLC directory with the creator set to Administrator. Let's just say that the result can be problematic. It's best to just generate the files to a user's Desktop or Documents folders. Also, writing DVDs seems to be extremely flaky in Windows Vista. Although it works, at the end of the writing the main file handling process seems to hang, at least for me. Still, because of legal issues, VLC on Windows is the best way I found of converting video formats.

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