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Removing blogs from my rss feeder

Tags: blogsMay 19, 2008    

Quite a few internet sites recommend keeping only as many blog feeds as can be displayed on a screen. I have recently exceeded that amount. Since I think that that particular advice is good, I will remove several that I browse often, and list them here along with their summaries. These are all good blogs. And I'm sad to not read them anymore. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in a week.

2Weeks2aBreakthrough: the basic premise is that great things can be achieved by taking one small step at a time.

Business Pundit: various posts about business. various articles about the problems with today's society; a left wing newsletter if you will.

Conversation Agent: a blog about marketing.

gapingvoid: drawings of the backs of business cards and internet commentary.

Hardware 2.0: comments about various hardware releases.

Indexed: various hand drawn graphs related to life.

John Carroll: writes about Microsoft and various other companies and interactions with government.

Larkware News - The Daily Grind: daily links to Microsoft related software.

Linux and Open Source: a blog about open source software.

rixstep: negative and well deserved commentary from a developer that creates software for OS X about Apple, their software, and their fans.

The Daily WTF: stories and pictures about the disasters in software and information technology.

Note: this post was written on Mar. 31, 2008.

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