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Observations of the day (for yesterday): human relations

Tags: work, psychology, public interviewsMay 19, 2008    

One way to reduce the effects of people talking inside of a cubicle farm is to use earphones and play really load music.

Humans are social creatures. Therefore a large number of people, and especially a majority of people, believing in something can influence someone to make detrimental and stupid decisions based on these beliefs. I've read this many times, most recently in a post on Paul Murphy's blog.

One behaviour that I have noticed in the media is people in interviews ignoring questions and saying only what they want. The behaviour was displayed in an interview this morning on CBC Radio 1.

Such behaviour makes me conclude that these people talk to the media only to advertise themselves. Nothing else matters. Not truth, not justice, not the listening public. In other words, the people only care about themselves. That is unfortunate because many times the people interviewed are smart, caring, and say interesting things.

Although my memory may not be accurate, in almost all of the interviews of politicians that I have heard, the politicians exhibit this behaviour. One more reason for politicians to be viewed negatively.

Note: this post was written on Mar. 20, 2008.

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