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Dealing with problems directly

Tags: business, work December 30, 2008    

I ran across an interesting article that stated that the best way to deal with a problem at work is to talk to the person at the source of the problem directly or to talk to your boss. And that a bad way to deal with the problem is to complain to others at your level or below. In other words, follow the chain of command and do not bring down the morale of others.

That made me think of the many stories that I hear where there are problems and people in power do not want to hear about them, and that if you talk about them, there will be reprisals. For example, the advice is to never say anything bad in an exit interview because otherwise you jeopardize your career. Therefore following the chain of command is sometimes not a good idea.

However, the article is a good reminder that the trick is to be in an environment where following the chain of command can occur.

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