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Good and bad stores and products

Tags: reviews December 30, 2008    

I decided to make a short list of stores and products that I found to be either very good or very bad. To both advertise and vent in equal proportions. Mainly, I wanted to vent about the dish detergent, and figured I should say something good as well.


Sophie's at First Jewelery Exchange: Great service and great prices.

Sonnam Computers: They can price match with Canada Computers, which has really good prices, and their service is much much better.

Blue Mountain Early Bird 5x7 Pass: The price is really good. However, the hill may be too small for advanced skiers.


Life dish detergent: I have to use between 2 and 5 times as much liquid to wash properly compared to when I use Palmolive.

Linux motherboard support or motherboard Linux support: For my motherboard suspend and 5.1 sound do not work at all, and neither does the USB keyboard in grub after a restart from hibernate.

Package management in other Unixes: Out of date packages such as firefox and weird procedures that are not explained in the documentation well. That's why I'm sticking with Linux.

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