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Changing the template

Tags: HTML formatting, aeonityMay 19, 2008    

I was looking through my new blog and noticed several modifications to the templates that I wanted to make. I'm sharing my modifications in the hope that others will find them useful.

The first modification is that I removed the part of the template that refers to friends because I don't intend to have any links in a friends section.

The second modification is that instead of listing a mood I want to list a set of tags. Therefore I replaced "<B>Mood</B>" with "<B>Tags</B>". The {mood} is unchanged since that is the internal variable name.

Finally, the archives section was considerably different from the main blog section. I saved the templates for the two pages and made the following modifications to the archive template.

1. replace the <body> line with lines starting with the line "<STYLE type=text/css>" and ending with the BODY statement of the original template.

2. remove the div style tags.

3. replace the main TABLE contents with the TABLE from the original template. Note that this is the top level table that contains the {body}.

4. add the line "<DIV align=center>" before the replaced table.

Also, the "Mood" was replaced with "Tags" in the archives template as well.

On a side note, I've just learnt the importance of using ampersand escape sequences in the blog posts instead of the actual special characters. Incidentally, when editing a previous post, the escape sequences seem to be replaced by the actual characters.

Note: this post was written on Feb. 26, 2008.

Copyright © 2008 Borys Bradel. All rights reserved. This post is only my possibly incorrect opinion.

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