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Even more on Fedora and virtualization

Tags: linux December 31, 2009    

I found out that on Fedora, instead of kvm, qemu may need to be used. Although that may be on processors that do not support hardware virtualization. Such processors include Pentium 4 and Sempron processors. Although what I read made it sound like hardware support for virtualization is not a big deal, the performance without it seems abysmal. Also, on a Sempron LE-1250 with Windows XP and VirtualBox, the Fedora 12 live CD just refuses to start installation to the hard drive. I don't know why. Also, the net install does not install graphics, and therefore should be avoided. Also, before a virtual machine can run on Fedora all the packages in the virtualization group should be installed, along with qemu-img if that is what you want to use to create hard drive image files. Also, it is pretty easy to run out of hard drive space. Especially when applications crash a lot. With many crashes, files are created in /var/cache/abrt that seem to fill up the drive really fast. Deleting the files seems to be safe though. Another potential area that it may be safe to delete files from is /var/cache/yum, although I haven't tried doing that.

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