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Keys to learning according to Brain Based Business

Tags: education, blogs, business May 22, 2008    

One of the blogs that I read on a regular basis is Brain Based Business. The blog has quite a few interesting points, which I will try to summarize. The main ones are that people have many intelligences that need to be used on a regular basis and that learning requires participation, multiple view points, and a positive atmosphere.

The eight intelligences, which should be used daily, are musical, spatial, linguistic, mathematical, bodily-kinestethic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic intelligences.

Participation can be achieved through conversation. A passive listener will only retain 5% of information while a presenter will retain 90%. Therefore for more learning to occur, listeners must be turned into active participants.

Multiple view points can be achieved by using multiple intelligences and by asking "two footed" questions, which are questions that relate two conceps together. The concepts can include for example how and why, how and what, old and new, or personal and non-personal notions.

A positive atmosphere can be achieved internally and externally.

Activities that create an internaly positive atmosphere are sleeping, relaxing, listening to music, laughing, looking at art, going for walks, talking to friends, helping others, stretching, exercising, deep breathing, remembering a good time, telling a story, and generally doing anything you like.

Activities that create an externaly positive atmosphere are speaking without being shot down, allowing imperfection, contributing ideas, seeing other points of view, being positive, explaining sources of agreement and disagreement, apologizind, thinking before talking, teaching others, saying what you mean, acting ethically, having conversations instead of monologues, providing encouragement, criticizing in a positive way while providing alternatives, always having possible solutions to problems, and using phrases such as "do you need help", "are you okay", "that can work", and "you're welcome". I would summarize all of these activities into thinking, being respectful, and performing tasks well.

In conclusion, using eight intelligences, participating, asking good questions, and having a positive internal and external atmosphere leads to good learning.

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