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Writing multiple discs

Tags: scripting May 9, 2009    

There is a nice tutorial on burning multiple discs here.

Although I haven't tried this myself, the approach seems interesting. The basic idea is to perform the following operations (where no added parameters such as speed are specified and the device is at 0,1,0) to write the contents of the dir directory to multiple discs:

mkisofs -rjTV volume-title dir > data1.iso

insert disc 1

cdrecord -v -eject dev=0,1,0 -multi data1.iso

and for subsequent cds:

for disk i (i>1)

insert disk i-1

mkisofs -rjTV volume-title `cdrecord -msinfo dev=0,1,0` dir > data$i.iso

remove disk i-1 and insert disc i

cdrecord -v -eject dev=0,1,0 -multi data$i.iso

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