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My experience with Ubuntu Linux 8.10

Tags: linux December 24, 2008    

I had a serious problem with keyboard support that I mentioned in a previous post. Well, I got fed up because the problem was too annoying. After hibernate, not only would my keyboard not work in grub, sometimes it would not work in linux as well. Therefore I've upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10. The upgrade was quite simple, although finding the option to show the new distribution in the update manager took a few minutes. I have not hibernated enough to know for sure, although the problem seems to have disappeared from linux. My main reason for believing that the problem has disappeared is that there is no longer an error message appearing about hibernate not having worked properly.

The other slight fix is that the quit button now causes a popup menu to appear instead of a dialog. This change eliminates the x time out issue that could arise in earlier versions after restarting a hibernated/suspended system due to hibernating too quickly and screwing up the fade out routine that occurs when the quit dialog appears.

There is a big disadvantage for konqueror users though. With KDE 4.1.3, konqueror opens links in new windows instead of new tabs when ctrl+left mouse click is used. In other words the most common use of tabbed browsing does not work, which pretty much brings the web experience back to a previous decade, century, or millennium; depending on how annoyed you feel (according to at least one website, the first tabbed interface for browsers appeared in the late 1990's).

Another minor point is that the navigation panel icons in konqueror are missing and replaced by question marks. Go figure.

Everything else is pretty much the same as in Ubuntu 8.04, at least for my usage.

Two steps forward, one step back, I guess. Still, I like Linux more than Windows, especially the update manager and X.

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