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Issue in Ubuntu 6.10 with shutting down and fading out

Tags: linux July 16, 2008    

I forgot to mention an interesting issue that baffled me for a while. Sometimes, after I hibernated my computer and started it up again, I could not open up X applications such as xterm for about 10 minutes. After searching the internet for a while, I found out that the problem is a weird relationship between the fade routine used to make the background darker for the power down dialog and the power down system. The problem is along the lines of the fade routine using a counter and not reseting it properly if the routine is interrupted before completion. This counter also controls when new X applications can open windows and is eventually cleared after some time (up to 30 minutes or so). If a user presses on the key to hibernate the computer before the fade is completely over, then the counter is not reset, and the problem arises on starting up again. This problem occurred in Ubuntu 6.10 and may be fixed by now. The problem does show an interesting interaction between software though. Regardless, I always wait for the fade to complete before hibernating.

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