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A subset of exercises espoused by Matt Furey

Tags: exercise June 30, 2008    

Matt Furey is a "fitness guru" that likes body weight exercises. Two benefits of such exercises is that they require little time and little equipment.

The following are some exercises that I find useful:

bridging - Your head and legs form two ends of a bridge. Using hands as head support is a good idea.

Hindu push ups - Start in an L shape with arms and legs about shoulder width apart and arms parallel with the back. Lower yourself to be parallel and just above the ground while keeping the legs straight. Raise your head and upper body as far up as possible while keeping the legs close to the floor. Move back to the original position while keeping the arms straight and repeat.

Hindu squats - Start standing with arms in close to the chest. Move down while exhaling so that the thighs are parallel with the ground, the heels of the feet are off the ground, and the arms are close to the floor. Then move up while inhaling and moving arms up to be straight, in front, and at the shoulder level. Bring the arms in to the chest and repeat.

vacuums - While sitting, exhale all air from lungs, lift diaphragm, and hold. Breathe in and repeat.

hand clenches - Alternate between clenching hands and extending the fingers as far as possible, pausing at each end.

praying hands - Put palms together and push fingers against each other.

The first three exercises are described by Clarence Bass and the third by Matt Furrey.

The fourth one is hopefully straightforward enough.

The last two are described by Matt Furey.

On a side note, Yoga Journal has a lot of interesting articles about yoga positions.

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