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Tags: blogs, business June 30, 2008    

At some point I will sound like a broken record saying that to do well you need to analyze a situation in detail, have a good understanding of your surroundings, verify your thinking, and work towards your goals. Then again, many blogs are repetitive enough to sound like that. And that's not a bad thing. Learning requires a great deal of repetition.

An interesting blog post is Are You Prone to Magical Thinking? The basic idea is that doing nothing and expecting things to end well is an approach that tends to fail. Instead, a person needs to realize that things will work out even if there is some strife, and then act on that realization by changing and confronting others when things are not working out. Of course in a good way.

Another interesting blog post is Workplace advice: Why you aren't responsible for what you say, but what others hear. This post is about how to communicate with someone. The advice is to think about what the other person might have heard you say, always start by reinforcing the positive aspects of the situation, and get feedback about what the person is hearing. The one thing I disagree with is that the responsibility seems to always be on one person. My personal opinion is that the responsibility needs to be spread around, and if it isn't then that is a problem in itself.

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