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Tags: postscript June 25, 2008    

I haven't written blog entries in a while because I was working hard on a paper. That's over, and I can write from time to time.

Anyway, I ran across several postscript problems while working with different applications that use postscript for my Latex document and I'd like to document them here to maybe reduce the chance of wasting time dealing with them in the future.

First, there's a package for drawing images called PSTricks. It works quite well, although when using an oval node seemed to cause the postscript processing to not work properly.

Second, gnuplot was generating postscript files that were crashing the postscript driver. The errors were that something was not recognized or that there was an underflow. I tried to increase the font sizes of the image by specifying a font size when setting the terminal (e.g. "set terminal postscript eps color 16"). The resulting file caused problems though.

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