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A brief bio

A favourite site: Uniform Law Conference of Canada

Another favourite: IT.Can (Information Technology Lawyers Association of Canada)

Some articles, comments, queries.

Electronic Documents in Ontario's Photoradar System (1995), 6 Journal of Motor Vehicle Law 277

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*  version française du texte précédent

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Recordings as Transcripts Technology column (December 2010)

Electronic Transferable Records Technology column (March 2011)

Electronic Real Estate Transactions Technology column (May 2011)

The Apostille Convention: Authentication in Action Technology Column (June 2011)

Lawyers, Engineers and Technology: A Case Study Technology column (August 2011)

Electronic Seals Technology column (October 2011)

Electronic Seals: the Public Sector Technology column (December 2011)

The Digital Consequences of Death (or Disability) Technology Column (February 2012)

Occasional thoughts and questions on e-communications's selections of my opening posts on the email list ulc_ecomm-l on the law and policy relating to electronic communications. (August 2008 - present)

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